After a life-changing year full of learning at Einsite, it happens again…

And again, I knew this is going to happen. Life repeats itself, read the whole post even if its lengthy to know my achievements at . Bragging is an art, not everyone can do it. I do many a times in my posts. So bear with me, while I praise my works of past year in this post. Also, you would know some exciting stuff about technologies I did add to my never OUTOFBOUNDS stack ;)

Keywords:  IoT (Hardware), IP Camera (Streaming),  UI & UXProduct DashboardsGoogle Maps (GOD MODE), SmartCards, Android, Data Science, Computer VisionMachine Learning

Before we start, Hope you remember about the WebRTC, Django, UI frameworks, Product Management? Never heard of one? get to know about my past experiences about these techs in my previous posts here and here.

On my joining day at Einsite. I digged into the software products as much as I can but, naaahhhhh, I couldn’t understand most of it as it was a complete new domain for me. I had to approach the very knowledgeable CTO(Rama Rao Valluri-Former CTO of Infronics) many a times to get to know about each and every domain specific(Road Construction) issue we are trying to solve. Tried to relate now, everything started making sense, but still I had some gaps to be filled. Had to visit the site to see how the work is executed in practical. After the visit, every point and every domain specific problem was clear and I was able to picture them in my mind as new things come up. CEO (Anirudh Reddy-Stanford Grad), CTO(Rama Rao Valluri-Former CTO of Infronics), VP-Hardware (Sudhakar R – Former Product Manager at Infronics) and VP-Software (Sateesh Battu Jaya – Former Director of Engg at Freecharge) gave me good support on understanding the domain and how we are using IoT to solve it. Wait wait wait…. IoT? What does that even mean, you may ask. Here comes the bang, Have you heard of devices for home automation? have you heard of smartwatches? Have you heard of connected devices? All these come under IoT (Internet of Things). We had a whole production house at Einsite who build hardware devices that contain GPS, GSM, WiFi etc.. sensors. You name the sensor we have it on these devices. I mentioned devices? does that mean we had more than 1 type of device? yes, we have 2 devices. Vehicle Mounting Unit(VMU) for moving assets and Plant Unit(PU) for static assets. These are connected to the server and send track(movements) and telemetry(vehicle/plant data) of the assets being used on the work site. General audience would think of it like we have used a third-party device like raspberry pi did some alterations to it and used it, but nope we had these devices designed and developed from scratch at out Production house. For me, The hardware always excites.

Now, I started to revamp some things up on the web software products. but then comes to my hand,

IP Camera – Working with IP Cameras gave me a picture of how different hardwares are setup. Getting the stream out of a camera was the first task I cracked. RTSP? aaahh.. whenever I come across this term, I first sigh and then get excited on cracking it. You may ask why not check the documentation? yes tried, but no proper documentation was available on this situation, I got the stream by hacking(learnt the word from my VP :D) into the IP camera using a java package. This method can help me get streams of any such IP cameras without the need of any documentation or security ;) I used the IP Camera stream on Django for web view and to increase flexibility on a raspberry pi device with lcd. Task well executed and experience gained.

The revamp begins.

UI & UX – The most important thing for a product manager is UI and UX. Why? These are the only things that impress both the management and the end users. My first task at was to revamp the existing UI of the software products of

Software Products @Einsite

  • SiteManData-Entry platform for the construction site man to enter the daily progress reports and request of the road construction project (highway projects worth 100′s and 1000′s of crores in India).
  • InSite – Insights of the projects, the beautiful dashboards and analytics happen here.
  • SiteMaster - Configuration Manager for the projects at

We have a DataEntry platform is easy to say, but the thinking that goes into these, is the max. Goal of DataEntry platforms is to minimise the time for data entry as much as possible. After months of thinking with the help of the CEO, CTO and VP-Software, I  finally designed and developed the UI with the help of the team(Einsiters) that bought a revolutionary change in the daily progress reports in construction industry. Revolutionary? yes, we reduced the data entry time from Hours to Secs. Here is a basic view of the same.

The ultimate goal of a PM is to build the best Dashboard of Insights for the actions on the platform. The team played a key role in revamping the InSite platform. The ideal dashboard for a company in my views. ;) The most interesting parts of the platform are the custom chart(known as Stripchart) and Track&Trace(Tracking and Tracking the assets on the field). Had not these challenges come to me I wouldn’t have realized the importance of Time&Space Complexity issues that browsers are facing now and will continue facing. I have a habit of never compromising with the UI, I worked with good UI and UX experts earlier. I would surely like to show you how the dashboard looks like.

Custom Chart(StripChart) -  Stripchart taught me the importance of Matrices and Matrix operations. (1 Week of time). Task well executed. Points gained.


Google Maps (GOD MODE) : Many of you heard of google maps and used in development, also you might have used Ola, Uber like live tracking apps. Yes, but the way we used maps is in GOD MODE. What all did we do with maps? what more can be done? Here are your answers for all these questions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If these pictures, dint answer your questions. Nothing can. :D We are planning to integrate much more complex things into the maps other than these. Execution tym 2Weeks.  Task very well executed. Points gained. Next comes my experience in working with smart cards.

SmartCards: Heard of credit cards, debit cards, id cards but what the hell is a smart card? All these types of cards, credit cards, debit cards, id cards which are smart enough to be read/write some data are smartcards. We are using smartcards for almost all the authorizations and requests done at the project sites. Cracking it was the biggest achievement for me at Einsite. why? because I did it using android device NFC.  HELL Did I talk about new tech again. This post is going to go forever. I had to use hardware commands(APDU Commands) to read/write the data to/from a card. But then came the challenge of authenticating a card. The most time consuming task in my software career was this damn card. It took a whole lot of 3-4 weeks to authenticate, read and write to a Desfire EV1 SMARTCARD. But then, when you crack something. You feel the sense of happiness and achievement. This was a great achievement as I did all these operations through a mobile. Dayymmnnn, The Watch Dogs game is going real (IP cameras, SmartCards with mobile), Insane stuff to be working. Not sure, If I can hack your credit and debit cards. be careful :D naahhh, the cards are very secure with some beautiful authentication mechanisms like 3DES, AES which are not easy to crack. So no worries you are safe for now. Task well performed. Points gained.

Android: I mentioned android earlier did I? Yes along with the smartcards. We are moving all our apps to mobile. Whaaaaaaaaat????…. Are you going to implement the charts, maps etc on the mobile? Yup. Leading the android team, now, we have implemented all these dashboards, maps, awesome calculations on to mobile apps. and still under process. Android added to stack. Points earned.

Nope, the post isn’t done yet. With all the data trashing on you from around 1000+ devices on the field. You get alot of anamolies. also patterns of work. For all these, we have a in house Data Science team who work on the data. And yes, interested on such things as well. I took a hands on with data science and Machine learning. My interest towards ML,AI is high and am working on analysing the data in my free time (Though not participating full time due to my bandwidth issues).

Currently I am in the learning phase for Machine Learning and Computer Vision. ML for analysing data patterns and Computer Vision to be used with IP Cameras and Drone cameras. Drone? what? Nooooooooooo…………… Yes, Though seems to be a long term goal, our vision also includes using drone cameras to monitor and capture work progress sites. Monitoring is regular activity, what excites me is the detection of workdone, material detection using computer vision with cameras. FYI CV is usually used in face/object detection in Cameras. Thanks to Einsite and the CEO’s wide vision, that need use of various technologies. Making Einsite the best platform to learn about new technologies for the next gen. You should be working with us, if you got excited reading this post. Do ping me on fb/linkedin/mail if you want to work with me in cracking into new technologies. I don’t want to make this post as an Einsite blog post, so I stop praising it anymore. :D

I would consider it as a success for a PM and after a life-changing year full of learning at Einsite, it happens again…  yes it happened again. Though we are not yet there and we are looking forward to scale up soon. I should mention our VP-Software again for his extreme contributions in handling the huge databases. Not would he take care of such things, the team wouldn’t be able to get at this point. Team Einsite is a crazy ass, hard & smart working team, lead by some extremely open and innovative people. Coding is a part of life. From CEO, VP to the last employee (30 Member team), everyone codes. Change the way you code, it will increase your productivity.  Just management as a Product Manager is too mainstream. Code for Eternity.

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