Hello World!


Hello World!,

I made this blog so that I can post my works. I name my first post as “Hello World!” so that I can specify to all of you that I love programming. I am a creative student with mixed talents. I like Animation, Programming, Designing and Web Designing. I want to mix all my talents an come up with a new subject for the next generations. I found game development quite interesting because, it contains a medium for all my talents. I have started my game development. Basically am a SELF LEARNER!!

My name is NARESH GHANATE, Studying B.tech in IT at JBIET,Moinabad. I am a designer, with lots of creativity and passion towards any type of design works like Logo creation, Banner, Broucher,or anyother Stationary regarding designing. I am a photoshop pro with
interest in web designing 2d & 3d animation. Autodesk Maya 3D Modelling is my art. Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, AfterEffects, Illustrator are my best friends. 3D’s Max, Cinema 4D are bound to me with basics.

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