I resigned my first job in 10 months…

417 Days and no post on my blog (nareshg.com/blog). The guy who used to put up his achievements on a monthly basis, had no posts for more than a year. No facebook posts, No achievements listed anywhere. My friends have thought that this guy just stopped writing the blog. But it wasn’t that way. So what happened? Did you even know I had a job? What happened in the last 1 year? What did I achieve or what couldn’t I achieve?

First of all for my friends who din’t knew that I was working. I joined Persistent Systems [One of the TOP product based companies in India] on Nov 12, 2014. This is the story what happened before and after my joining. 5 Months before my joining, I officially became a Grad [B.Tech in IT] at JBIET. But my story din’t start then. It was my intermediate in 2009. So why going back? How my life changed in these 7 years is just very inspiring to myself.

2008, joined intermediate college [Sri Chaitanya Junior College, MPC]. Mathematics was my favorite subject. Computers was like too much for me but I loved to play on it. I got the HTML4 Black Edition book from my sister, she said its easy try out if you want to know how things on internet are generated. I was damn interested and took the book. In 3 hrs I had my personal classic site in index.html file ready. I started learning web development and all related stuff. learned photoshop as I was interested in designing and animation. All this happened even before I started my graduation. Had no regrets.

2010, joined JBIET for my Bachelors in Technology in Information Technology [I chose as I was interested]. Got to know about C language, and how programming languages work. Just loved it. also the faculty who taught us programming had too good knowledge [Aparna Mam]. Learned C++, Java and build my first standalone java application which is a compiler. What? Compiler? Nope it was build on top of a different compilers that just helps u to execute your programs in a single click. [Comex]. My interest on languages started here, But what interested me was the Principles of Programming languages[PPL] which makes you realize that every damn programming language is same. I had this point stuck in my mind so strongly that I started learning other languages like python, php and to my surprise, PPL was correct. This gave me confidence on learning many other frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design front end frameworks[all similar again]. Started web development using wordpress, and other cms frameworks. Had hackathons in our college conducted by Microsoft which led in me learning .Net and Windows App Development and then started exploring android and IOS development looked similar again. But what interested me in my 3rd Year was HTML5 which lead to more possibilities in game development, in specific cross platform game development. Started using game development frameworks like Unity 3D, Game Salad etc.. but one crazy Game Engine was Construct 2 using which I earned a lot in android and windows stores [Mostly through games]. Search for GamesVictory in android or windows to play my games. One game I would like to mention is Bouncy 48, got the best cross platform game award from Microsoft and earned me a Nokia Lumia 1520. Missed out the part of 3D modelling, I learned  it as I was interested in 3D games. All this gave me an addition and I started working with startups and all these helped me in getting placed at Persistent Systems.

2014, I was not that interested in MNCs as I worked as a freelancer for around 3 years now and was interested in starting up, but Persistent Systems tempted me to join as it hires only crazy people. MNC was how I expected it to be. But the only thing I din’t like when I joined was, the word Employee. I was used to FreeLance and Earn through it but never was called an employee. The word hierarchy should just be for name and every one should be working with each other but not seen in any MNC. I always liked to work with someone but not under someone. In the first 2 months we were asked to self learn and just roam around. These 2 months are called Honey Moon period in MNCs and every MNC has it with varying time for the freshers. It made me comfortable, It made me happy, I was getting used and addicted to it. My Colleagues got close in no time. We used to hangout very frequently, around 4 times a week. I got strong in Java here which I always wanted to be. I was then given work on Puppet, woh, woh, woah… what the hell was it? I started learning it, I got to know it has some awesome powers to play around with systems. Experimented on it and later it looked for me more like a system admin task than a devops task. I said to my manager I was not interested. Got moved to admin role in Openstack. LOL. Shit happens. But still I wanted to explore what it is and this gave me crazy hands on with Linux and working and screwing large servers. I was given the admin role for the whole hyd servers, the control was in my hands. HEHEHEEEE 3:DDDD [Cruel Smile]. I could do anything, and yes I din’t leave this chance, messed up the whole system unknowingly ;P I got to know that happened when hyd campus was in chaos about their VMs not working and due to this, employees stopped working. Then a senior administrator helped me in fixing everything, here I got some damn good debugging skills in Linux and on servers. After all openstack is not a small thing to handle. I loved doing it for few days but again, this was not what I wanted from an MNC. I wanted hard core development and someone who could work with me like they say THE REAL CODERS. I asked my manager about this, I was put into a different project, all this happened in 3 months from my joining. But I loved all the stuff that happened to me. I could have posted all this in my blog but this was not the stuff I wanted on my blog. I Learned AngularJS for this new project and now the real fun starts. The coding I love, The manager how I wanted him to be, the project members how I expected them to be. No No Noo….. Screeewww youuuu.. Nothing was as I expected. Everyone were busy, stuck in completing their individual tasks, My manager was busy managing non technical stuff. I started to code as an employee. I got to know, what experience means.. It means you have spent more time on something waiting to face some probable problems and solve them. For me, another 6 months went by doing the same stuff. I then could realize my daily routine

1. Morning Parking Thank You
2. Morning Security Gaurd Namaste
3. Morning Friends Gudmrng
4. Morning Code [Same angularjs/django]
5. Afternoon Same Lunch[Weekly Pattern]
6. After Lunch Discussion
7. Afternoon Code
8. Evening Sports[Table Tennis]
9. Evening Friends GudBye
10. Evening Security Namaste
11. Evening Parking Thank You

Fed up with the routine stuff, I tried to explore other things in code. Learned Django[Python Framework] and Laravel[PHP Framework]. Started working on a cool idea at my home whenever I got some time. But then the office routines gave me an headache. I tried to actively organize and participate events. But you can’t stay in the place doing anything interesting when you are not interested. I was looking for a way out of it. Then my friend with whom I worked with previously offered me to work with him. I had trust in him, and resigned. MNCs have one idiotic thing stuck to the employees head, the Notice Period. due to which I had to resign in the 10th Month after my joining. This will relieve me in 12th month as I wanted. The worst period, The notice period, where you can’t make eye contact to your friends as you know you are going to leave them in this company. So, I din’t reveal to my friends about my resignation until the last few days of my exit. My exit wasn’t as smooth as I expected it to be. and Finally I am out from the MNC world.

Risk they said, I love it I said. No limits, Unlimited Internet with Full access. Freedom to work as you want to, and with a team that is cool. Team? Yes, I joined Stockroom (startup) as a product manager on 21st, Nov 2015. I already started liking it. So, what next? what surprises are going to come in near future? What are my plans? Will this be my life changing move? or Is there something even big yet to come? I have all these questions running in my mind.

Key takeaways from Persistent:

-My Team of 9 and many good relations.
-As a developer got to know how important keyboard shortcuts are.
-AngularJS, Django, Openstack  and Handling and Debugging skills on Linux, Puppet.
-Some Pro Table Tennis Skills


I  strongly believe in :

Dream to conquer the universe, U will at-least get to conquer something close.


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