My Experience working as an Intern at Edu-Kinect


Hello folks! This is Naresh Ghanate of JBIET college. I am an intern at EDU-KINECT. I would like to share my work experience with you guys.
As we all are aware of the call for internships from Edukinect, I was excited and sent my resume. After a few days I recieved a mail stating that I was selected for the second round and would need to submit an app to the store, for which we were given very little time. Later that I got a call saying that I would have a telephonic interview. I was ready to face it. I heard my phone ring around 1.00 pm. The interviewer was looking for interns with special capabilities. I explained them about my experience in creative graphics and programming accompanied by game and web development skills. The interviewer was impressed and asked me to come down to their office on 27th May 2013. I visited them at 10.00 pm on the specific day. The first person whom I met was Mrityunjay Bhadauria Sir!! He spoke to me and explained about the work I was supposed to do. To my surprise the work given to me was Windows 8 app development and a work from home internship. I was considerate about it but however expected more from Edu-kinect. By the time I reached my home, it was my Lunch time. I recieved another call from the Interviewer saying Mrityunjay mistook me as a work at home intern. He asked me to visit them again, as I was selected for a Design works. I revisited Edukinect at 4.00pm that day, again I met Mrityunjay and he gave me a task of designing. He also asked me lots of things that I am capable of doing. I very good at web-designing and creative graphics. Mrityunjay Sir took me as a UI designer for their upcoming project. I was satisfied with the work given to me. I started working on the UI of the project and the employees their where very supportive and friendly. They explained me the work and helped make the transition smoother. MeanWhile when I was free I started working on windows 8 store app development and created few apps. I am doing good at my work. Other interns where from other districts. I am the only one from Hyderabad working as an intern at Edukinect. It is a great experience working with Edukinect. Mrityunjay helped me in getting on with many others tasks apart from web designing. Keep looking at this space as I would be updating my works soon!!
Special thanks to Raj, Pratap, Mastan, Naga Kumar and Mrityunjay Sir for giving me this precious opportunity and awesome experience.!!

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