Story Behind My Game that Won Microsoft’s Heart.

Exceeding my expectations this time, I won a Nokia Lumia 1520 from Microsoft. Prize wonand the story goes like this. It starts with “Microsoft Publish Contest”. I don’t know when I subscribed to that site. Around 5-6 months ago I got a call from Microsoft saying the registrations for contest //publish/ are open and I could submit my apps there. When I got to the site I saw around 1500 entries already and  some cool 3D games like Tennis were submitted to the contest, I lost my hopes to win but still had confidence on games I developed. Uploaded around 3 of my super cool games “Minimon Jump” (previously called Minion Jump) , “Angry Flippy Birds” and “Bouncy 48″. Of all these games Bouncy 48 was not officially released. I took time to improvise it. Even though I developed it I was stuck in some other web development project and totally forgot to release it. Later after 1 week, Windows store (One of the most Difficult Marketing Platform for Developers ) , where getting 50 downloads for your game takes alot of time for a non-marketing guy like me. This game (Bouncy 48) got around 150 downloads in its first week even without marketing. I left the game aside as the pressure on other projects increased. Suddenly, one fine day I got a mail from some person named Scott Burns saying you have won a Nokia Lumia 1520, The mail looks fake so I din’t reply, I got a second mail again and this time again I did not reply with my address which they asked for. But somewhere I believed that this could be some surprise from Microsoft for me and replied to the mail saying I would like to know the complete details of it, This happened on August 14th 2014. Later on August 19th I got a mail from Microsoft Tech Elite Team saying you have won a competition named //publish/, which I totally forgot due to other on going projects. In that mail a link where the results where declared was highlighted and when I opened it, I saw the results where published on August 15th, was excited and started searching for different combinations of my name in it as it contained a list of around 30 wining apps. I couldn’t find my name, then started looking at each and every app, The results were divided into 3 parts 1. Best Windows Phone 8.1 apps 2. Best Windows 8.1 apps 3. Best CrossPlatform apps. Cross Platform here means app that is available for both windows phone 8.1 and windows 8.1. Searched the first list couldn’t find any, then next list couldn’t find atlast in the third section i.e., Best Cross Platform Apps, I found a familiar icon, oh wait. Its logo of “Bouncy 48″. Stunned and Shocked kept staring and clicking on the link of my app there and yes it was my game, and yes. Here is the publish contest results link, search for Bouncy 48 in it. I was very happy to see my developed game’s icon among the top windows apps of the world. Downloadable link for the game is here. And surprisingly the size of the game in windows is <1 MB.   Bouncy 48 Promo Image So how was I rewarded? Remember, the mail I got from TechElite, I replied to that with my correct address and after a month I got a reply saying your shipment that contains “NOKIA LUMIA 1520″ has been pickedup for delivery from SEATTLE. This is my first windows phone. I was very excited as I got it directly from Microsoft. Here is the tracking link for my shipment. I used to check this 5 times a day and due to the custom clearance all stupid stuff, my 1520 was delayed. But atlast today “October 4th 2014″ an auspicious day for Indians, I recieved it. Me and my sisters and one of my friend, were desperate about the phone. The phone is 6 inch wide and the name “Phablet” suites it correctly, the 20MP Nokia Pro Cam with windows 8.1 metro UI feels awesome in my hands. Need to explore more that will take me some time.  I am very thankful to Microsoft for organizing such awesome contests and giving scope and visibility to developers. Here are some other advantages that I got through this contest. Ofcourse Nokia Lumia 1520 other than that, Microsoft Features My Game “Bouncy 48″ weekly in windows stores (phone and desktop) of  different countries. Microsoft featuring my app.   I did not release it officially. Planning to release it under the name of my upcoming startup FourDesks. FourDesks Presents Bouncy 48 Launching soon. Also we (my team) are planning to release a series of simple, awesome and addictive games this month. One of which is “Touch The Bubble” for windows 8.1, android, windows phone, get ready for the best gaming experience by FourDesks. Thanks alot for reading this article and for every share I get I will win a heart. Thanks alot for supporting me. Happy Dussera and Bakrid. PS: I am a proud owner of a windows phone now.

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