Trying to find some cool games? This one is enuff , Angry Flippy Birds
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Post by Naresh Ghanate.THE CHASE IS ON! Flap the little wings of the Angry Flappy Birds in this #1 thrilling and action packed flying adventure.
Meet the hapless ever AF Birds and they need your help! The survival of the AF Birds is at risk because the cruel zombies are killing their precious chicks. With their little wings, the AF Birds are not afraid of any danger. It’s your job to guide these cute birds fly through all kinds of obstacles to get back their freedom.Game Features:
- Simple one touch controls: touch to flap the wings
- Zombie enemies get killed by shooting eggs
- 1ups to get you addicted
- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
- Stunning graphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life on TouchHow to Play:
- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!
- Click on target button to shoot eggs
Play Store link (Android):

Windows 8 :

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